Greenspond Historical Society

Our mission is to preserve, present and promote the built and cultural heritage of Greenspond, NL and area.

Greenspond, NL

The community of Greenspond is located on the northeast coast of the island of Newfoundland on the traditional and ancestral homelands of the Beothuk and Mi’kmaq. European settlement in the 1690s makes Greenspond one of the oldest continuously inhabited outports on the island. Many of the community’s first settlers came from the counties of Devon and Dorset in England’s West Country and southern Ireland.

Historical Records & Projects

Our People

Greenspond has been, and still is, home to some incredible people with amazing stories. Our goal is to present some of these stories and provide biographical sketches for these wonderful individuals.

Genealogy & Families 

Genealogies, or family trees, have been created for a number of different families associated with Greenspond. We would love to add to our archive if you have information to add.


Grave headstones & markers in Greenspond's cemeteries have been documented in a number of different ways, either by photographs or through transcriptions of the epitaphs on the headstones.

Gravestone Restoration 

In total, there are 235 gravestones across seven burial grounds that need restoration work.  The Greenspond Historical Society (GHS) is working with Robyn and Ian on restoring every cemetery in Greenspond. 

Photo Gallery

Take some time to browse our various photo albums. Have a photo add? Send it to us.

The Greenspond Letter

A journal dedicated to the history of Greenspond. It began publication in April 1994. 

Get Involved

Help with transcriptions, provide photos/histories, make a donation, assist with grave restoration, etc.  

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