Lighthouse: Offer Wadham Island

1858 (Robert Oke). Inactive since early 1990s (?). 12 m (40 ft) (?) octagonal cylindrical tower, brick and stone encased in concrete. Lantern removed. Active light on a 6 m (20 ft) square cylindrical steel skeletal tower (focal plane 30.5 m (100 ft); white flash every 3 s). The tower was encased first in cast iron; the concrete was added in 1961. Located on a small island between Fogo Island and Musgrave Harbour, in the entrance to Hamilton Sound. Accessible only by boat. Site open, tower closed. Site manager: Canadian Coast Guard. Notmar 396; ARLHS CAN-696; Admiralty H0584; NGA 1440.

Managing Organization: Canadian Coast Guard

Notes: This lighthouse was replaced as an aid to navigation by an automated light on a skeleton tower. The lighthouse was originally built of brick and stone and was later encased in cast iron; in 1961 the tower was encased in concrete.

Description of Tower: Octagonal concrete tower, lantern removed.

This light is not operational

Date Established: 1858

Date Present Tower Built: 1858

Current Use: Unknown.

Open To Public? Grounds only.

Directions: Accessible only by private boat or helicopter.

Thomas Hennessey
Edward Reddy
Charles Prowse (1862-?)
Elias Abbott
Stephen Abbott
William Pomeroy
James F. Mouland
Arch Way
During the Second World War, keepers were Walter Hicks and Herbert Abbott.


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