Court Cases from the records at the Provincial Archives of Newfoundland and Labrador

The Court Records for Greenspond are held at the Provincial Archives of Newfoundland and Labrador.

October 8, 1827: John Sleat, Mary Sleat and Susan Elliott VS William Coleman and William Broden to recover ₤147 2 2
Jury: Thomas Barber, Foreman
George Allen
John Lush
George Elliott
John Harding
Nathaniel Wright
David Burry
George Burry
Thomas Stratton, jn
Thomas Stratton, sr
James Oldford
Edmund Stratton
Witnesses: Samuel Calloway, John Morrisey, John Rideout, George Frampton

1827 October 9: John Brine & Nathaniel Smith v. John Bingley Garland & George Garland;
John Bourne, Foreman
John Newton
William Hand
Richard Kennedy
John Burry
John Parker
John Lee
William Barnes
Joseph Hutchings
John Green
James Gillingham
John Spurrell
William Hiscock
Robert Bellows
George Lane
John Thorne Oakley
George Lane

1827 October 9: John Edgar Esq. v. Thomas Smith.
Local magistrate, John Edgar, brought an action against the Defendant to recover £35 for money had and received. The defendant tendered £4.10.0 in Court with costs to witnesses called by the other side. The jury retired for a short time and brought back a verdict for the Plaintiff for £2.10.0, in addition to the money already tendered.

1834 October 18 George Frampton on part of Thomas Slade Senior & Co vs Stephen White junior
Complaint was this day made by George Frampton on the part of Thomas Slade sen, and Co., affirming that Stephen White jn, was detected stealing pork out of the cuddy of Slade and Co., boat on the evening of the 17th instant about 7 o’clock and further that James Pitt, a servant of Slade and Co., not only saw White enter the boat but come from it with the pork in his hands being 3 pieces and which he took from him. Thomas Drawbridge J.P.
October 20, 1834 A summons having been granted in the above case for the appearance of White he appeared this day and on examination as to the charge made against him admitted it, alleging in excuse he was groggy at the time. James Pitts being also summoned to give his evidence, deposited on Oath that he saw the prisoner enter Slade and Co., boat on Friday evening past about 7 o’clock and went into the cuddy from which he saw him come out, bringing with him several pieces of pork – one piece Witness took from him, two pieces the Prisoner laid on the wharf and while stepping from the boat to the wharf was seen to drop some overboard which has since been picked up, being two pieces. Witness observes he had been watching prisoner seeing him in a suspicious situation. The foregoing examination having been gone through with the prisoner was committed to jail until bail could be procured to answer for his appearance at the Sessions – his father and brother having afterwards entered into the necessary sureties he was the next day liberated accordingly.

1835 October 20 – Grunter versus Lawler. The complaint in this case was for stealing Grunter’s vegetables.  James Hayden apparently saw a man get over the fence of Grunter’s garden on Friday, the night of October 17th, and immediately proceeded to pull up something from the ground which Hayden judged to be vegetables growing there.  Hayden identified the man in Grunter’s garden to be Lawrence Lawler, a cooper at Slades.
The following morning, James Hayden went to Grunter’s garden to discover what vegetables had been taken and observed signs in the garden that a quantity of turnips and cabbages had been pulled and the ground appeared as if it had been pulled during the past night.  When Lawrence Lawler, the defendant, was examined he stated that he went to Pond Head on Friday evening and that on his return while passing by Grunter’s garden a man called out to him.  He went up to him and discovered him to be James Hayden with whom he spoke for about five minutes, and during that time, offered him a shilling to get rum but he refused.  Having left Hayden, Lawler said he went home to Mrs. Slades to whom he was a servant.  On November 6, 1834, Lawrence Lawler was convicted and fined the sum of twenty pounds.  Ten pounds to be paid to the court for Grunter, plus ten pounds to be returned to the district.
Court records, PANL, GN 5/4/B/1, Court of sessions, Northern Circuit, Minutes, at Greenspond, commencing 1834

1838 December 19: James Lash/Lush at Greenspond
– marrying without a license – fined 5 pounds and to be imprisoned until the fine be paid

1838 December 19: Moses Cheater
– larceny – imprisonment at Trinity for 3 months and to be kept at hard labor until his arrival at Trinity


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