Newspaper clippings

The Colonist, Feb 11, 1888

Testimonial of Greenspond in Favor of Mr James Batterton

Greenspond, Jan 23, 1888

Mr James Batterton, St Johns

Dear Sir,
We the undersigned inhabitants of Greenspond, being well aware of your untiring zeal in the discharge of your duties while serving on board the steamer Plover, and your obliging manner to both passengers and the public, we think it our duty to send you this testimonial and truse that we shall see you reinstated in your former office on board the new mail boat on the northern route next summer:


John C Dominey JP
John McDonald, MD
Edwin Weary, Rector
Frederick Read Duffill, MM
William Lang,
RP Rice
Thomas White
Edwin White
George White
Martin Bown?
Darius Blandford
Joseph Squires
Apollus Squires
Samuel Dawe
Joseph Dawe
Philip H Hutchins
Henry Hutchins
Joseph Edgar
George Edgar
James Oakley
William N Lang
Samuel Godden
JJ Oakley
James Dodden

The Daily Star April 24, 1919

The Minister of Justice had the following from the Magistrate at Greenspond yesterday: Darius Sheppard, 52, widower, of Pool’s Island, died at Greenspond last evening from injuries received in sawmill at Indian Bay on Saturday

Saint Johns Daily News, Mar 29, 1963, p. 6


The infant son of Mr and Mrs Robert P (Cynthia) Hunt, 9 Sycamore Place, was christened “William Rupert” at the Anglican Cathedral on Sunday afternoon, the Rev Canon Slade officiating. The godmother was Mrs Madeline Chalmers of Calgary, and the godfathers were Mr Robert Argall and Mr Robert Hunt.

Attending at the ceremony also were Mr and Mrs Lewis Bartlett, Miss Hilda Dove, Mr and Mrs Rupert Bartlett, Master Robert Bartlett, Miss Janet Bartlett, Mrs Robert Argall, Misses Heather and Cynthia Argall, Mrs Robert Hunt, Master Geoffrey Hunt, Misses Barbara and Roberta Hunt and Miss Louise Saunders


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