Will of William Brown 1759

Records of the Prerogative Court
Of Canterbury, England   William Brown 


Greens Pond October the 27th 1759

This is my last will and desire that after my death that Sarah KING and her children shall have all the money that I do leave behind me in this world as for

Witness my hand and mark X William BROWN 

And witness my mark X John HOUARD 

And Witness my hand William CHALK.

On the sixteenth day of March in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and seventy six administration with the will annexed of all and singular the goods chattels and credits of William Brown late of Bonavista Bay in the Island of Newfoundland deceased was granted to Moses KITTIER the lawful attorney of Sarah KING wife of Joseph KING one of universal legatees named in the said will for that no executors is named therein for the use and benefit of the said Sarah KING now residing at Bonavista Bay aforesaid having been first sworn by commission duly to administer.

Additional Research Notes by Thomas Cole

The said will was proved in Canterbury Court indicating that BROWN had ‘bona notabilia’ (goods worth mentioning) in two dioceses. Since Sarah KING chose Moses KITTIER as attorney we can be sure that William BROWN had had money in Ringwood, Hants. Moses KITTIER was a brewer in Ringwood, Hants – his son William KITTIER was in the Newfoundland trade out of Poole – so presumably they’re all from that area. William CHALK is the only one therein who signs his name without making a mark.

Ringwood Baptisms:
William Brown 1735 s/o James.
Sarah Brown 1737 d/o James.
William CHALK 1730 s/o William.

Note: We who have typed these wills, have made every effort to include all the errors that were on the microfilm, in order to avoid destroying the integrity of the originals, where ever they may be. 

Page Contributed & Transcribed by Thomas Cole


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