Salvation Army Cemetery

The Salvation Army Cemetery in Greenspond dates from the early 20th century when the first barracks was built

The Salvation Army was founded in England in 1865 by William Booth, an ordained Methodist clergyman, who wanted to assist the poor and destitute in the east end of London. His small mission station rapidly expanded into a nation-wide evangelical movement which soon crossed the Atlantic Ocean. Introduced into Newfoundland in 1885 by Emma Churchill Dawson, a native of Portugal Cove who had entered the Army in Ontario, it quickly spread from St. John’s to the outport communities. One of the first of the outports to embrace the Salvation Army was Greenspond; in 1887 Captain Crook arrived in the community, holding meetings and converting residents.  By the 1891 census, there were 17 Salvation Army adherents in Greenspond out of a total population of 1,317. 

Transcriptions of the memorials have been recorded are available to browse
Photographs of the memorials were gathered as part of the Stonepics project, 2004


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